The financial-accounting culture and education contest. The performance COUNTS: CECCAR and the Ministry of Education have awarded prizes to the pupils who achieved outstanding results at the Bucharest Municipality phase

On Tuesday, May 9th, at “Virgil Madgearu” Economic College in the Capital, the award ceremony of the students who achieved the best results at the financial-accounting culture and education contest was held, in the phase carried out at the level of Bucharest. The competition, at its first edition, is held at national level and is organised by the Ministry of Education, through the school inspectorates, in collaboration with CECCAR and with “Virgil Madgearu” Economic College of Bucharest. The competition is aimed at high school students – technical sector, Services specialization, professional qualification of Technician in economic activities.

In this phase of the competition, more than 40 students from prestigious pre-university education institutions in the capital, with tradition in the training of young generations in the economic field, have shown their knowledge in the financial-accounting field: “Virgil Madgearu” Economic College, “A. D. Xenopol” Economic College, “Mircea Vulcănescu” Technological High School,  “Costin C. Kirițescu” Economic College, “Hermes” Economic College, “Nicolae Kretzulescu” Higher Commercial School.

Delegates of the host-college, the Ministry of Education, the School Inspectorate of the Bucharest Municipality and of the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR) have taken part in the award ceremony. The professional body was represented by Professor Robert-Aurelian Șova, PhD, vice-president of the CECCAR Superior Council, and Aurel Andrei, President of CECCAR Bucharest Branch. Diplomas attesting to the outstanding results obtained at the contest, as well as cash prizes, were offered to students.

“Today we reap the fruits of an idea that occurred a few years ago. […] A contest was needed to support students studying in colleges who have this specialization and who want to improve their skills in the accounting field. We have managed to put this competition in the Calendar of national school contests approved and funded by the Ministry of Education. As a result, the students who are awarded within this contest will benefit from all rights. Diplomas are acknowledged for the award of scholarships and can also be taken into consideration for admission at the faculty, being a national contest acknowledged by the Ministry of Education. I hope that this contest will become a tradition for the “Virgil Madgearu” Economic College, for the School Inspectorate of the Bucharest Municipality. […] We are hopeful that in the next school year all counties will take part in this contest and, why not, to also extend the contest at the level of XIIth grades”, said Ionel-Florian Lixandru, secretary of state within the Ministry of Education.

“What you have done now may be the first step in your career. You made a good choice because, when we talk about accounting, about the financial-accounting field, we talk about a profession that will certainly never disappear. (…) As long as there are businesses, there will also be those who speak the language of business, that is, who are educated in the financial-accounting field”, told to students Professor Robert-Aurelian Șova, PhD, Vice President of the CECCAR Superior Council. He also emphasized the importance of rewarding students for their performance, not just by words or diplomas, but also by concrete prizes. The purpose of these awards is to show that performance can lead to winning, which represents a valuable lesson for students.

“I am a living example, in the sense that, being an economic high school graduate, I attended a meeting in which an accounting teacher showed us a card and told us that this is not an ordinary card, it is an expert accountant`s member card. If you want to be the best, I wish you to get this card through work, but until then, it is obvious that the financial-accounting culture is needed”, Aurel Andrei, President of CECCAR Council Bucharest Branch, told students.

The contest continues with the national phase, which will take place next month.

We wish good luck to all students who have qualified in the national phase!

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