#CECCAR100 — the message of the Superior Council*

In the first congress held in Bucharest by the graduates of the Higher Schools of Commerce (…) there was manifested the desire that these precious collaborators of the Bank, Commerce and Industry business leaders should also have: A body of their own constituted (…). I have (…) total confidence that everyone, in his place (…), will know how to meet the expectations and trust placed in us, and that in each there is desire and will to prosper, not only in respect of his person and interests, but also those of the institution in which he dedicated his work, said Nicolae Butculescu, Dean of the Body, at the First Congress of the Accounting Profession.

Here we are a hundred years after the establishment of CECCAR, a century after the regulation of the accounting profession in Romania, when these words remain as a compass showing the way to our development, of the profession.

We are proud to state that we are celebrating 100 years since our foundation, 100 years since the accounting profession is one of the main mechanisms of the national economy. Some may consider us old, but we believe that the slogan of the National Day of the Romanian Accountant — Tradition for the future. We are evolving together! define us.  We adapt to the ever-changing society, respond promptly to challenges and try to predict, based on experience, any developments involving our profession, in order to act effectively, in the public interest.

About how our story began we talked repeatedly, and the website www.100.ceccar.ro shows our history from the very beginning.

Our present and future, of the regulated accounting profession in Romania, certainly focuses on strengthening the collaboration relations with authorities and institutions at national and international level, stating, also on this anniversary occasion, that this is an essential aspect for development.

We are convinced that the intensification of the cooperation relations between the Romanian economic environment and the European, international environment, the expansion of Romanian businesses across borders plays an important role in the development of the national economy, to which CECCAR also contributes.

As in the interwar period, when Romania was at the forefront of the “globalization” of the accounting profession, today the Institute’s activity is correlated with the key global trends in the financial-accounting field.

CECCAR is a member or has representatives in major European and global organizations: International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), Accountancy Europe, European Tax Adviser Federation (ETAF), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), VAT Expert Group — European Commission, Comité de Integración Latino Europa-América (CILEA), European Expertise & Expert Institute (EEEI), International Association for Accounting Education & Research, European Corporate Governance Institute. Thus, we are involved in the elaboration and implementation of norms and strategies that can accelerate the continuous evolution of our profession, with a global impact.

Digitalization and globalization are rapidly gaining ground, and we are focusing on adapting to these new societal demands.

Today, one hundred years since the establishment of the professional organization that represents and manages the accounting profession in Romania, in a world where change plays an essential role to remain relevant in the new socio-economic paradigm, expert accountants and licensed accountants strengthen their position as trusted advisors of entrepreneurs. Our vision is to contribute to the “creation” of the entrepreneur prepared for the future, starting, of course, from the accountant prepared for the future.

Providing strategic advice to the business environment in the public interest, accounting professionals are essential in ensuring the resilience of the national economy. In this context, we are aware that the role and skills of professional accountants must evolve in response to the requirements of the business environment and act accordingly.

As Nicolae Butculescu said, we need to meet the expectations and confidence given by the business environment, the society. Today, tomorrow, just like 100 years ago.

Happy Anniversary to all professional accountants! Happy Anniversary, CECCAR!

* 13 July 2021