History of CECCAR


90 years ago, the first organisation that would rejoin professional accountants of Romania within a body that was to know a troublesome evolution through history, was born.

Almost one century since this event, the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania is a prestigious institution at the global level, that proudly carries its past and history.

The year of 2011 represents for CECCAR 90 years of progress and polish, when it managed to write the History of Romanian Accountancy, a book containing thousands of pages of performance, quality, education and morality, pages of success that owe it to all the professional accountants who are or were members of this elite professional Body. The activities and accomplishments that have been characterizing CECCAR for almost one century, the performance of being member of international organisms of the accountancy profession and of bearing the understanding and application of the International Financial Reporting Standards by all professional accountants, resulted in the definitive assignment of CECCAR’s role within the Romanian economy, the European and international accountancy profession, its assignment and role being built through dedication, professionalism, culture, education and elite ethics.

Established on September 21, 1921, when the prestigious scientist and University Professor Grigore I. Trancu-Iasi submitted, to the Parliament of Romania, the Law of the Body of Licensed and Expert Accountants, an absolutely necessary legal document at that time for the development of the accountancy technique and the accountant profession, CECCAR went through periods of remarkable progress on the national and international level.

Without the work, intelligence, professional consciousness and culture of the professional accountants, sacrificed on the altar of the Romanian accountancy profession, CECCAR would not have existed and Romania would not have been on the map of the world’s accountancy elite and the 90 chapters of excellence could not have been written in 2011.

The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), that this year celebrated 90 years, opened in 2010 the third age in its post-revolutionary existence, the age of maturity and ennoblement, following after the age of rebirth and recognition, the period during 1990 – 1999, and the period of craftsmanship and promotion of the accountancy profession, between 2000 and 2009. Each of the three ages is personalized and gives expression to reforms of cultural and organizational reforms in all fields of the accountancy profession, being accompanied by programmes concerning the efficient management, consolidation and development of all professional, material and spiritual values present in the architecture of CECCAR.

The wide opening of CECCAR towards everything that meant scientific conquest in accountancy, regardless of the origin country wherefrom such addition of knowledge would come from, represented the corollary of the entire evolution of the accountancy profession’s thinking, literature and movement from the first half of the last century.

CECCAR carried out a remarkable international activity, being admitted – unanimously – in 1996 as ordinary member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), headquartered in New York, and in December 1996 was admitted ‘in the first wave’ as member of the Federation of European Accountants  (FEE), headquartered in Brussels.

CECCAR looks with hope and trust towards future and has the following objectives: development of the national process of national standardization, extension of the range of services offered to enterprises, especially to SMEs, extension in every form of the educational process of the members, consolidation of the profession’s infrastructure, management improved on all levels through movement of the centre of gravity towards the executive structures of the Body, unity in diversity of the accountancy profession by respecting everybody’s identity, increase of the accountancy and accountant’s role  in economy, in the entire society, as well as highly qualitative management of the expectations of the expert and licensed accountants of Romania. CECCAR is committed to the efforts of travelling this road tenaciously, in spite all difficulties, being convinced that this is the way forward, which will offer everyone the satisfaction of deed well-done.