Study: Romania, among the best and cheapest European countries to discover in a road trip

Romania is among the best and cheapest European countries to discover in a road trip, according to a study made by a global search website for travels, Agerpres reports. Thus, according to the website, a global search engine for travels managed by Kayak, the interest for rental cars is higher than in the summer of 2019, in average, by 162% in Europe.

“The dramatic rise in fuel price, the concern for climate change and the permanent preference for privacy instead of the crowds of tourists are deciding factors that have contributed to this year’s trend. But many travelers are undecided regarding the best destination for their adventure behind the wheel in the summer of 2022. Inspired by these trips and for the purpose of helping travelers in their process of planning the holiday, momondo produced a ranking of the countries which are best discovered in a road trip in 2022”, the survey authors argue.

This is a unique database dedicated to  road trips enthusiasts, with specific information for each country, like the fuel prices, road safety, impact on the environment, cultural attractions and many others. In this way, this ranking helps Romanians to organize their trip according to their expectations and needs, dedicating their holiday only to activities which they are really interested in.

The survey data show that Romania obtained an excellent score with regard to cost efficiency in road trips.

“We analysed 33 European countries and ranked them according to 24 different factors. Then we grouped them in five categories of road trips according to: costs, sustainability, camping and outdoor, comfort and infrastructure, nature and touristic objectives. With these rankings, travelers can plan their holiday according to what is important for them. The best ranked countries for the five categories of road trips are: the Netherlands (sustainability), Serbia (low costs), France (camping and outdoor, but also nature and touristic objectives), Switzerland (comfort and infrastructure)”, the document states further.

Within the context of massive price increases in petrol stations, the cost of the trip is an increasingly important reason to consider in the holidays this summer. However, despite the inflation and the high fuel cost, Romania remains a relatively cheap country to travel to, compared with many other countries in Europe, ranking 6th in the top of the cheapest countries for road trips this year.

At the same time, the petrol price in Romania is the equivalent of the average price across Europe, and the costs for charging electric cars, as well as the parking costs remain one of the lowest (approximately 0.54 euro for two hours). Besides, the low costs for accommodation and car rental contribute to the attractiveness of our country among those interested in low budget trips.

The survey also shows that Germany is at the top of the ranking of the best destinations for road trips in 2022. “Germany ranked 1st in the 2022 top, with high scores as regards comfort and infrastructure, nature and touristic objectives. Germany is a paradise of passionate drivers, a country with an extensive road network, with electric charging stations everywhere and with a smaller number of road accidents per 100,000 inhabitants than the majority of the countries on the list. Moreover, it is almost impossible to overlook the diversity of Germany’s fascinating historical and natural objectives. It is up to the travelers now to explore, as they please, the Black Forest in the nicely scented summer evenings or to discover the vineyards and cities along the romantic river Rhine”, the quoted source specifies.

The best 10 destinations in Europe in which to travel by car in 2022 are: Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Cyprus, France, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia, Italy and Switzerland.

“After two years in which we stayed far away from international travels, the variety of destinations this summer and the questions regarding what each of them offer are likely to cause confusion. Especially when there is so much to see in the immediate proximity. In fact, the network of European roads is so extensive, that you would need almost 50 years of driving each day to know all of it. So, let’s start! Our ranking regarding car travels provides a detailed analysis which includes numerous factors based on which we analysed the various European destinations. By consulting it, the travelers can take the most informed decisions”, Laure Bornet, GM for Kayak Emea, momondo administrator, has mentioned.

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