The accounting profession at anniversary: 101 years from the establishment of the largest professional body in Romania

On Wednesday, July 13th this year, the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), the largest professional body in our country, organized the 18th edition of the National Day of the Romanian Accountant, a traditional celebration of the accounting life in our country. This year`s event marked the celebration of 101 years since the regulation of the accounting profession in our country by Royal Decree signed by King Ferdinand I, on July 13th 1921.

The most important event dedicated to the accounting profession in Romania was celebrated at national level in the 41 counties and Bucharest, under the slogan Tradition for the Future. Growing Together! Expert and licensed accountants across the country, members of the professional body, discussed with the profession’s institutional partners – regulatory institutions and authorities, the business and educational environment–, about the role of professional accountants in ensuring business resilience, the theme of this year’s edition of the event which every year marks the important contribution of the profession and of its practitioners to the economic development, the business sustainability and resilience.

The event which took place in Bucharest (at Radisson Blu Hotel) dedicated to this year’s edition of the  National Day of the Romanian Accountant, organized at central level together with the Bucharest and Ilfov branches, brought together over 350 professional accountants, as well as representatives of the Romanian Government, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development, members of Parliament, officials of the National Agency of Fiscal Administration, the National Bank of Romania, the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the Romanian Court of Accounts, the Romanian Patriarchy, the Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the National Anticorruption Directorate, the Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Department, the National Trade Register Office, as well as representatives of the higher and secondary education institutions with which CECCAR has cooperation agreements. Together with CECCAR members, representatives of the employer and business organizations such as the General Union of Romanian Industrialists, with its member organizations – Confindustria Romania, the Employers’ Federation of Building Companies, TIAD – the Association of Turkish Businessmen in Romania – and the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the National Association of Travel Agencies of Romania  highlighted the important role of professional accountants for the national economy.

In the opening of the event, the President of the Superior Council of CECCAR, Robert-Aurelian Șova, PhD, expert accountant, delivered the message of the institution, reiterating, on this occasion, the importance of the accounting profession in the recent history of the Romanian state, the contribution of professional accountants to Romania’s modernization, the establishment of CECCAR in 1921, being part of the strategic institutional infrastructure that established the foundation of contemporary Romania’s construction. The President of the Superior Council of CECCAR has also mentioned the current socio-economic and political context that has brought new challenges for the accounting profession and the professional body managing it at national level.

“The accounting profession in Romania, resonating with the global one, has reinvented itself, continuously adapting to business models based on the three pillars that ensure competitiveness, namely: technology, globalization and sustainability. Today in their capacity of advisor, analyst, facilitator and confidant, the accounting professional who is a member of CECCAR successfully performs multiple roles that give certainty to entrepreneurs, contributing to the sustainability and resilience of the business. The value of the accounting profession for the society, for Romania, is based on the fact that it has the ethical responsibility to act in the public interest and to serve its clients with professionalism. However, this cannot be achieved without ensuring the independence of the exercise of the profession and its autonomy. This is precisely the reason why CECCAR, the representative of more than 35.000 practicing accountants, will advocate for these essential values and will sanction any attempt by which they can be affected”, said Robert-Aurelian Șova, PhD. The entire message delivered on the occasion of the National Day of the Romanian Accountant is available on the CECCAR website.

Top of the most successful professional accountants in Romania

As every year, the National Day of the Romanian Accountant is also an opportunity to publicly recognize the results of the expert and licensed accountants’ work, awarding them within the local and national top of CECCAR members. Thus, the performances of the accounting expertise and accounting companies, as well as of the expert and licensed accountants are recognized, as a sign of appreciation of their contribution to the development of the profession and the business environment, in the public interest.

The accounting profession is a living profession that constantly adapts to the changes that impact society. The present is characterized not only by the technological advance. Sustainability has also become a constant of our times. This is precisely the message that CECCAR has delivered this year by the chosen trophies for awarding the professional accountants who have achieved the best results in 2021. Sustainability, using eco-friendly materials must be key elements in today’s and tomorrow’s activity of the fit-for-future professional accountant.

The national top of CECCAR members is available on our website.

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The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), established more than a 100 years ago, is the only professional body in Romania granting the expert and licensed accountant qualifications.

With branches in each county of Romania, including Bucharest, CECCAR is a member of the most important professional organizations at European level – Accountancy Europe and ETAF (European Tax Adviser Federation) and worldwide – IFAC (International Federation of Accountants).

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