New projects for financing the business environment, in the plan of Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism for this year

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Daniel Cadariu, was invited in the TV show Professionals in the public interest, broadcasted at CECCAR TV on Monday, February, 21st. The host, Lavinia Șandru, focused on policies and projects aimed at supporting the business environment and on the professionals’ accountants’ involvement – experts and licensed accountants – in their promotion.

The Minister, Daniel Cadariu, emphasized the professional accountant’s role: „The professional accountant can save you from extremely difficult situations and help you to get through starting moments. (…) You cannot go through any carried-out programme without a specialist in the economic field.”

The minister mentioned that the third edition of the Star-up Nation programme is taken into consideration. „We target the same number of beneficiaries: approximately 10.000 with grants of 200.000 lei, with a few new things compared to the first two issues. One of the novelties is that we will try to stop scoring in terms of the number of employees, because many of those who have used that programme either directly or the help of consultants, opted for the maximum number of employees and have ended up by consuming all the money for salaries. It will be a condition to have a number of employees, but not as a score”, said Daniel Cadariu.

At the same time the Minister said that a co-financing rate between 5% and 15% will be envisaged in order to make the beneficiaries who will receive the amounts more responsible. „We have already concluded a convention with FNGCIMM to provide them with that guarantee tool for co-financing in order to support them when they do not have these funds and have to call on a bank. At the same time, under the programme, the amounts payable to FNGCIMM will also be paid through the grant in order to be easier for the start-up businessmen. This mechanism is about to be built. Last week, took place a government meeting where it adopted an ordinance that creates the legal framework to start this programme. In both cases – the Start-Up Nation and the other programmes we are considering – the final form will result from intensive consultation of the business environment”, said the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism in the programme broadcasted by CECCAR TV.

Also, at the Prime-Minister`s level, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism and the Ministry of Finance, it was accepted that after mid-year, after the correction, the HoReCa 2 programme could be carried out, Daniel Cadariu pointed out.

The discussions also covered a series of programmes dedicated to students, IT industry, to female entrepreneurship and to Romanians in the diaspora, which the ministry is considering to launch this year.

Full recording of the show is available on CECCAR TVs YouTube channel.

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