IFAC’s Policy Position Papers, Now Available in Romanian

The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR) is providing members and other stakeholders with the Romanian translation of IFAC’s Policy Position Papers (PPP) relevant for professional accountants, which may be accessed in the Publicații – Organisme internaționale – Documente de poziție section of the CECCAR website.

PPP 1 Regulation of the Accountancy Profession discusses the necessity and benefits of regulation, the characteristics of good regulation and the importance of the cooperation between governments and professional accountancy organisations.

PPP 4 Public Sector Financial Management Transparency and Accountability: The Use of International Public Sector Accounting Standards  deals with enhancing transparency and accountability in the administration of public finances through adopting the accrual basis of accounting.

PPP 5 A Definition of the Public Interest aims to present a practical definition to identify the public interest and to allow everyone to determine whether the actions, decisions or policies are made in the public interest.

PPP 7 Effective Governance, Risk Management and Internal Control analyses the connection between establishing an effective and integrated system of governance, risk management and internal control and achieving sustainable organisational success.

PPP 8 Enhancing Organizational Reporting: Integrated Reporting Key emphasises the importance of integrated reporting, as more and more organisations understand that financial reporting cannot satisfy all their informational needs by itself and search for more information, with higher relevance, concerning strategy, governance, risk management, the organisation’s human resources, sustainable development, and social and environmental issues.

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