Edinburgh Group Launches the SMP of the Future in a Changing World Survey

The SMP of the Future in a Changing World survey provides Small- and Medium-Sized Practices (SMPs) with a platform where they can amplify their voice worldwide. From this stage, SMPs can share how environmental change impacts their practices and, more importantly, the strategies they are presently using, and plan to use in the future, to adapt to, and capitalize on, a constantly evolving world. The results are vital to informing Professional Accountancy Organizations (PAOs) worldwide on how to best support their SMP members in successfully navigating continuous change. 

The SMP of the Future survey explores the present and anticipated future impact on SMPs of environmental dynamics such as digital technologies, regulation/deregulation, market competition for clients, market competition for qualified staff, and evolving client expectations regarding the services their practices should provide.

The survey requires approximately 12 minutes to complete, and the target audience is accounting professionals who are owners of, or employed by, SMPs. The survey will remain open until July 15, 2018.

Begin the survey.

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