20 and 21 January 2018 – Special Session for the Practical Training Access Examination for Master’s Graduates

For the attention of graduates of master’s degrees subject to cooperation agreements with CECCAR

According to art.3 para. (1^1) of GO no. 65/1994, republished with its subsequent amendments and supplements, graduates of master’s programs organized by faculties in the field may register directly to the practical training program, upon request, based on the agreements to assimilate Master examination disciplines with those of the admission to the profession exams concluded between universities and CECCAR.

To complete the practical training registration process for master’s graduates, after verifying the submitted files, and according to the cooperation agreements concluded with the national faculties in the field, CECCAR will organize on 20 and 21 January 2018 a special session for the practical training access examination.

Master’s graduates will take exams for the disciplines referred to in the cooperation agreements, as well as the disciplines for which they did not obtain the minimum grade provided for by the legislation in force. For that purpose, please see the full list of the agreements between CECCAR and the national faculties in the field, the assimilated disciplines for each master’s program and the terms and conditions set out in each agreement can be further read (list of master’s programs).

If the verification of the academic records and of the conditions set out in the cooperation  agreements reveals that requirements for the grades and the grade average per group of disciplines have not been met, and if exams need to be taken for more than two disciplines, the graduates will be examined for all the 7 disciplines of the practical training access exam, namely Accounting, Taxation, Law, Economic and Financial Business Appraisal, Audit, Expertise, and the Doctrine and Deontology of the Accounting Profession.

To prepare for the exams held on 20 and 21 January 2018, depending on the disciplines for which they take exams, master’s graduates may refer to the syllabus of the practical training access exam applicable for the 2018 session (access exam syllabus)

During the immediately following period, after the verification of the submitted files, master’s graduates who have chosen to register directly to the practical training will be informed, via their residence subsidiary, regarding the disciplines they will take exams for on 20 and 21 January 2018.

Candidates who do not pass the equivalence examination, as well as those who have not obtained the required grade average for the access or equivalence exams, do not meet the conditions to register directly to the practical training program.

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