Improving Public Sector Management and performance: the case for accrual accounting

In a recent article of International Accounting Bulletin, Svetlana Klimenko - lead financial management specialist at World Bank and Daniel Nogueira-Budny – World Bank specialist on governance and public sector reform, look at the current state of public sector management worldwide and come with a few recommendations on improving its performance and efficiency:

Public sector management (PSM) is about ensuring that the machinery of the public sector works efficiently and effectively. This is crucial because it can enhance—or undermine—a government’s ability to deliver results across all sectors. Poor public sector management leads to poor public sector performance: the suboptimal provision of public services, in terms of equity, access, and/or quality. This is particularly worrisome for the disadvantaged, as they rely disproportionately on public services.”

The article brings insight on several significant aspects related to public sector accounting and management:

      Accrual basis accounting and public sector management

      Benefits of accrual basis accounting for public sector performance

      Management of Fiscal Risks

      Closing the feedback information loop to improve delivery of public services

      Transparency and accountability

      Accounting standards and public sector performance.

The complete article is available here.

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