New regulations regarding competition, published in the Official Journal

Actions for damages in breach of the provisions of the relevant legislation are regulated.

 OUG no. 170/2020 was published in the Official Journal no. 952 from October 16, 2020, regarding the actions for damages in breach of the income tax law provisions, as well as for the amendment and supplementation of the Competition Law no. 21/1996.

The legislative act creates, at national level, the procedural framework that ensures the actual exercising of the right to compensation, stated in the European Union Legislation, for damages resulting in breaches of the EU  and national legislation relating to competition.

At the same time, the objectives mentioned in the Directive 2014/104/EU of the European Parliament and Council of November 26, 2014 regarding certain rules governing actions for damages under national  law in the case of infringement  of the provisions of competition law of the Member States and of the European Union.

“In order to enable the uniform application of the European Union law in Romania, a useful tool for quantifying damage resulting from infringements of competition rules is the Commission’s Communication on the quantification of damages actions based on infringements of article 101 or 102 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union  (published in JOUE C 167/19 on 13.6.2013)”, as indicated by the initiators.

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