The National Day of the Romanian Accountant

On September 21, CECCAR celebrates the National Day of the Romanian Accountant, on a national level, within its 42 district branches.

Choosing the day of the Romanian Accountant was motivated by the fact that there are different other professions, with far less members, that celebrate each year their day, when they look back on their accomplishments, they award special prizes and last but not the least, they have a good time.

Why September 21? Because the accountancy profession is considered as the one who manages, measures and keeps the balance between „needs” and „availabilities”. In other words, it is a profession that implies a lot of diplomacy and stability. The symbol of the accountancy profession is the Account, an instrument generally represented by a “T” or even a scale. Not to mention the fact that there is also another accounting instrument called “Libra”. For all these reasons, we have chosen a day that suggests balance and relates to the working instruments of our profession. Therefore, we have chosen the 21st day of September, the Equinox Day between summer and autumn, when the day equals the night, a day that marks the beginning of the Libra sign. This proposal was approved by the National Conference of CECCAR on September 2, 2004 and was adopted unanimously and with great enthusiasm, by Decision no.04/52. Officially, the first edition of the National Day of the Romanian Accountant was celebrated on September 21, 2005.