The International Education Standards, Now also Available in Romanian

CECCAR provides its members, potential members and other stakeholders with the Romanian version of the International Education Standards (IESs), published by the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) from IFAC, including IES 7 Continuous Professional Development (revised), published in December 2018.

The standards can be accessed in the section  Publicații – Organisme internaționale – Norme profesionale și ghiduri of the CECCAR website.

The IES standards refer to the education prior to obtaining the qualification, the training of professional accountants and to the continuous education and professional development, and form the basis for the professional education programs of IFAC member bodies.

  • International Education Standard (IES) 1, Entry Requirements to Professional Accounting Education Programs (revised)
  • International Education Standard (IES) 2, Initial Professional Development- Technical Competence (revised)
  • International Education Standard (IES) 3, Initial Professional Development- Professional Skills (revised)
  • International Education Standard (IES) 4, Initial Professional Development- Professional Values, Ethics, and Attitudes (revised)
  • International Education Standard (IES) 5, Initial Professional Development- Practical Experience (revised)
  • International Education Standard (IES) 6, Assessment of Professional Competence (revised)
  • International Education Standard (IES) 7, Continuing Professional Development (revised)

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