The 35th International Seminar of Latin European and American Countries: “The Internationalisation of SMPs: Role of Expert Accountants and Opportunities for the Latin World”

On 22 March 2018, the Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili of Italy organized, in cooperation with the Comité de Integración Latino Europa-América (CILEA), the 35th edition of the International Seminar of Latin Countries, with the subject The Internationalisation of SMPs: Role of Expert Accountants and Opportunities for the Latin World. This seminar is part of the European CILEA member bodies’ strategy for international cooperation with Latin-American countries and its main objective was to capitalize the role of expert accountants as SMP consultants in the trade with Latin-American countries.

The event featured discussions regarding the opportunities and financing devices for the promotion of SMPs internationalisation in Latin America, technical and operational tools useful for professional accountants in their relations with the institutions managing external markets in order to provide full consultancy services from a financial, commercial, administrative and fiscal point of view.

The event, opened by the presidents of the host bodies (the President of CNDCEC Italy, Massimo Miani, and Gustavo Gil Gil, the President of CILEA), brought together officials from the Argentinian, Bolivian, Brazilian, Columbian, Guatemalan and Nicaraguan embassies, and representatives of the CILEA member bodies.

The seminar was followed, on 23 March 2018, by the meeting of the Council and General Assembly of CILEA, which took place at the headquarters of the ODCEC Napoli Branch, and discussed the status of the current projects in accordance with the Committee’s strategic plan.

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