The report related to the research paper “Growing the Global Economy through SMEs”

It is our pleasure to inform you that the Edinburgh Group has published the research paper ‘Growing the Global Economy through SMEs’. As part of this study, CECCAR provided SMPs that are CECCAR members, the online questionnaire in Romanian that was filled in by an impressive number of respondents.

This research was conducted early in 2013. SMPs from over 70 countries worldwide took the questionnaire, the response rate being higher in the Southern part of Africa (24.1%), U.K. (21.6%) and Public of Ireland (16.8%); Romania and Turkey response quota was also good (6.9%) respectively (4.6%).

The Edinburgh Group, made up of 14 accounting bodies worldwide, including the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania has commissioned a new research amongst SMPs in order to understand the opportunities and challenges met by their clients, the SMEs. The conclusions of this research have been collected in a global report providing recommendations and results that focus on SMEs needs regarding the business growth at global level and the SMPs role in sustaining these initiatives.

If you wish to access the research paper ‘Growing the Global Economy through SMEs’ please go to the next webpage: