The Accounting Profession celebrates 98 years from its regulation. The National Day of the Romanian Accountant – Tradition for the future. Progressing together!

This year, between the 12th and 15th of July, the most important economic actors: institutions and regulatory authorities, business representatives and licensed accountants and expert accountants – those who play an essential part in the development of entrepreneurship and of the national economy as a whole – have gathered all around the country to celebrate the 15th Edition of the National Day of the Romanian Accountant.

The Body of Licensed and Expert Accountants of Romania (CECCAR) – the only professional organization entitled to grant the professional qualifications of expert accountant and licensed accountant – has organized events in every county in order to celebrate the accounting profession, marking 98 years from its establishment on July 13, 1921, which was also mentioned by the President of the Superior Council of CECCAR, Professor Robert-Aurelian Șova, PhD, expert accountant, during the event which took place in Bucharest at Radisson Hotel: “The establishment of the National Day of the Romanian Accountant on the 13th of July is connected to the Decree Promulgating the Law for the Establishment of the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (its name at the time), signed over 98 years ago, on the same day, by King Ferdinand – law which have been initiated and advocated for by Girgore Trancu-Iași, the Minister of Labor at the time.”

The event partners were ProCredit Bank and certSIGN, and the media partners were Universul Juridic and AGERPRES.

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