MEEMA: Q&A – Useful information for the users of the platform

The Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment (MEEMA) published on the institution’s website a series of questions raised by the users of the platform, along with the related answers. We will present them below:

  •  Once created, can the account be used at the moment for the project submission at the time of the launch call? Or do we have to create another account then?

Answer: The account created on the phase prior to the registration remains valid in the application.

  • Where can we download the SME statement so we can upload it afterwards?

Answer: You can download the SME statement from the website – link: – and it will also be available for download on the application.

  • If a natural authorized person received the indemnity during the state of emergency, can they apply for the 2.000 euros grant?

Answer: Microgrants are provided to beneficiaries that do not exceed the 800.000 euros threshold for state aid measures for supporting the economy in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, approved by the European Commission. 


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