The Curriculum of the Skills Exam for obtaining the qualification of expert/licensed accountant

In order to obtain the title of expert/licensed accountant the CECCAR trainees, who have completed all the professional activities as well as technical and deontological training required, have to pass the skills exam.

In 2020 the skills exam session is scheduled for 13 and 15 of March.

The curriculum of the skills exam for obtaining the qualification of expert accountant/licensed accountant is currently in the process of being approved by the Ministry of Public Finances and has been published on the CECCAR website at the section dedicated to this exam.

CECCAR, through the National Institute for Continuous Professional Development, supports the skills exam candidates by providing the publication Syntheses, examples and case studies to prepare the candidates for the skills exam in order to obtain the quality of expert and licensed accountant, a material for testing and applying the knowledge acquired during the training. The publication is available for sale at CECCAR subsidiaries throughout the country at the price of 80 RON.

The publication contents are available here.

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