If you are looking for a successful career, we give you the opportunity! The exam for access to the profession is coming!

According with the results of a study conducted by eJobs, the most looked for jobs in 2019 were those of accountant and economist.

So, if you are looking for a successful career, we give you the opportunity! Thus, for those who want to work in the financial-accounting field, Corpul Experților Contabili și Contabililor Autorizați din România (CECCAR), the professional organization established almost a 100 years ago, is the only organization that can deliver the qualifications of expert and licensed accountant. What is the first step to obtain one of these qualifications? Participate and pass the access exam. When does the exam takes place? The 2 and 4 October 2020.

In order to prepare for the exam, we recommend you to use as learning tool the Guide for training the candidates for the access exam for the expert and licensed accountant practical training, drafted by CECCAR. Furthermore, to better understand the subjects and become familiar with the exam requirements we organize and give you access to training courses.

Thus, CECCAR gives you the opportunity to obtain a well-renowned qualification which could be the starting point of a successful carrier with numerous professional accomplishments and competitive financial gains.

More information about access to profession you can find on our website.

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