National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) project: The Form 394 will include data regarding transactions with affiliated persons

As stated in a draft order from National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) launched in public debate, The Form 394 Informative statement for local supplies of goods/services and acquisitions performed within the national territory by taxable persons registered for VAT purposes will include data regarding local transactions carried out between affiliated persons.

Within the approval report, the initiators of the project explain that the draft order derives from the necessity of identifying the local transactions between affiliated persons, considering the fact that these represent a significant percentage of the total number of local transactions carried out by multinational companies.

The tax inspections performed by ANAF revealed cases of transactions between affiliated parties being carried out at prices lower than the market price at the expense of the Romanian affiliates and the consolidated general budget. Therefore, considering these results and the objective of extending the risk analysis regarding multinational companies, the modification of the informative statement D394 for the purpose of identifying this type of transactions is necessary.

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