Eleodor Mandreș, Secretary of State, Ministry of Public Finance conveyed the message of the Minister of Public Finance, Eugen Orlando Teodorovici

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you for the invitation to participate in this important event organised by CECCAR regarding the future of the accounting profession.

The new business trends and business process dynamics strengthen the role professional accountants play in economy. Therefore, you belong to a profession whose activity can impact the trust placed on the information disclosed in financial statements. Achieving economic performance requires disclosure solutions for the economic activity that would cover more and more information needs. This is valid both for you, as professional accountants, and for us, as accounting regulators.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Public Finance collaborates and has a continuous exchange with representatives of the business environment and public institutions and authorities, with CECCAR, and with the other professional bodies, in the spirit of mutual respect, with the goal of creating an open business environment that would further economic development.

A changing economic environment brings challenges that require regulatory actions and appropriate solutions for the practical issues. This is the reason for the continuous development and improvement process that defines both the Ministry of Public Finance’s activity – as an institution with the authority to issue accounting regulations – and your activity as practitioners.

The information disclosed in the financial statements you prepare are the basis for many decisions affecting the economic and social life. This is why I believe that the process to strengthen trust in the accounting profession and the independent practice of this profession should continue to be the main focus of CECCAR.

The Ministry of Public Finance appreciates the commitment of CECCAR’s members to the proposal development process concerning the fiscal procedure regulatory framework and the accounting regulations applicable to economic entities. For this purpose, the Ministry welcomes the continued cooperation with CECCAR – the professional body of expert and licensed accountants – as highlighted by my presence here today alongside you.

To conclude, I am confident that the current collaboration between the Ministry of Public Finance and CECCAR will continue in the future and, on behalf of the institution I represent and myself, I wish you great success in your activity.

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