On Planning, Risk and IT Solutions for Business Security, at the First Edition of the National Conference on Controlling and Risk Management

Digital transformation, new business trends and the professional accountant’s role in a company were the focus of the first edition of the National Conference on Controlling and Risk Management organized by CECCAR on Wednesday, March 7, in cooperation with Romsys, V&T Management and SAP Romania – companies with a vast, nationally and globally acknowledged experience in this area.

Specialists from the above-mentioned companies spoke to CECCAR members about the challenges they faced and how to mitigate business risks, associating professional accountants with the important role of strategic management consultants for all departments.

The event, held at the offices of the CECCAR Bucharest Branch, brought to the attention of professional accountants in advisory or leadership position the importance of controlling activities, planning and risk management for a successful business.

Business transformations in a digital economy need consistent, reliable information, available in real time, which contribute to the accomplishment of plan objectives – and without which building a successful business is hard to achieve.

The controlling (= to direct, to regulate) process, a current, future-oriented process, coordinates all the organization’s activities, supports decision-making and, according to the conference presentations, is a fundamental tool for the management consultant’s role. We could say that controlling is an instrument combining the responsibility for results with the responsibility for their transparency.

During the first edition of the National Conference on Controlling and Risk Management, the CECCAR representatives mentioned the professional organization’s efforts for the development of educational programs to support controlling specialists.

University Lecturer Marcel Vulpoi, PhD (V&T Management), Corina Dănescu (Romsys), Luminița Scarlat and Bogdan Rusu (SAP România) are the specialists who spoke about digital economy challenges, planning, risk and IT solutions optimizing business processes and contributing to business security.

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