The message of the CECCAR President

This year we are celebrating 95 years since the recognition of the accounting profession, a professional with a long tradition, represented by the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania – CECCAR. In the proper climate for such a meaningful anniversary moment, I have the pleasure to wish all the practitioners of this noble and vital profession my heatful congratulations and the success in their future endeavours.

As you may well know, following a series of valuable contributions of its predecesors, the history of our Body was marked, in 1921, by the enactment by King Ferdinand I himself of the constitive act for the Body of Experts and Licensed Accountants of Romania, as independent professional body. One remarkable contribution in setting the foundations of our Body had the first President, a proeminent public figure of the time, Professor Grigore Trancu-Iaşi. Subsequently, in the 30s the Body became one of the most powerful accounting institutions in Europe, some of its core attributions being accounting and audit standard-setting, contributing over the years to the assertion and consolidation of the most important profession in the economic sector, through the formation and the development of a true accounting experts elite as well.

In acknowledgement of the Body’s role on the international scene in the development of the accounting profession at that time, Romania was the host of the 7th International Congress of Accountants, held simultaneously with the 5th Congress of the Body of Experts and Licensed Accountants of Romania betweeb 5-6 September 1931. The honorary President of the Organizing Committee was the great historian and university professor Nicolae Iorga – Chair of the Ministers’ Council.

As you may also know very well, after the war came the communist regime, together with dire conditions for our country, a regime that significantly limited the scope of the accounting profession, with all the consequential results. Although accounting services were nationalized, the professional title of expert accountant continued to persist at least for two activities – judicial accounting expertise and censor activities, and genuine professionals performed their duties within the limitations and constraints specific to that period, in enterprises, institutions and in education and research as well.

After the dismission of the communist regime, in 1992 the Body of Experts and Licensed Accountants of Romania Association was established, Chaired by Mr. Gheorghe Butnariu. In 1994, when the Minister of Finance at that time was Professor Florin Georgescu, PhD under the Government Ordinance No. 65/19 August 1994, the Body of Experts and Licensed Accountants of Romania was established as public purpose and independent legal entitity, with a vital role in the management and training of professional accountants. At the National Conference in November 1994, the first held according to the new regulations, Professor Marin Toma, PhD was elected as CECCAR President. The Body, as national professional organization, has played a vital role in the reform of the Romanian accounting system, in the context of the transition to the market economy.

As of the reinstitution of CECCAR, a valuable tradition was taken up, that of hosting every 2 years the Congress of the profession. Thus, in 1994, the 1st Congress of the after the communist era represented the opportunity to resume in a wider context the dialogue between Romanian accountants and their peers abroad on matters related to the reformation of accountancy and on the profession development.

Globalization, which led in its turn to the development of international economic partnerships, determined CECCAR’s joining the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and the Federation of European Accountants (FEE). Its affiliation to these structures has traced a new profile and a new purpose for the professional body, attaching a more qualitative substance to the Body’s efforts for unbiased and responsible involvement in the process of aligning the Romanian accounting profession to the international professional and ethics standards, thus ensuring the foundation on which CECCAR has permanently increased its expertise input to the promotion and development of our profession at regional, European and global level.

As it has always been anchored in our daily internal and external realities, the Body has always been perceived as the most influential professional body in South-eastern Europe, with more than 40,000 members.

CECCAR’s authority and influence are the result of its active involvement in public governance, in close partnership with central and local general government institutions, in the view of permanently improving accounting and fiscal legislation according to international standards, that of enhancing the quality of financial reporting for public interest purposes, that of counteracting on economic criminality and improving the economic climate and, last but not least, that of building the trust in the services provided by Romanian professional accountants, based on skills, credit, independence and morality.

The practice and all the previous experience is constantly showing that the roles and skills of our accountants represent key-factors in the development of micro-economic entrepreneureship. We can see a shift in the core skills of professional accountants and in the roles they play towards the provision of business advice services. Beyonf financial accounting and fiscal compliance, current entrepreneurs come to appreciate more and more inter and multidisciplinary skills in management accounting, in employing modern analysis decision making approaches and techniques when finding solutions to their problems, using specific Big Data information and communication technologies and artificial intelligence, in start-ups, interpersonal skills and strategic thinking in shifts and risks management, in performance management, in integrated reporting and, last but not least, in communication and creativity – a driver for innovation. Hence, professional accountants have become – and are permanently building in this role – the most trustful business adviser, the driver of national and global economic growth.

CECCAR, as professional body, has always been preoccupied with developping professional accountants’ qualifications and skills that allow them to perform other services than the traditional ones, at high levels of performance, whilst significantly reducing the gap between the demand in services on the business market which has been a result of globalization, digitization and higher competitiveness, as well as the qualification basis of professional accountants. In this sense, throuhg a permanent research process led in cooperation with the university and the business environment, CECCAR is monitoring and supporting the positive progress of the professional accountant’s carrier, particularly by identifying the new associated CPD requirements, as a premises of more efficient measures.

This is why professional accountants – expert accountants and licensed accountants affiliated to our professional body, in practice or in business – play a salient role in the economic and social environment, due to the certification of their professional qualifications according to the IFAC standards and the commitment to observe professional and ethical standards, which are monitored by CECCAR by means of a rigurous quality control process. All these are pieces that make up the whole system that is necessary to ensuring the quality of the services provided to our beneficiaries.

The close connection between accounting, investments and economic growth proves that fact that the general public shows a real interest in the actual capitalization of a powerful accounting profession’s virtues, and CECCAR is the voucher of this

Thus, our 95th anniversary since the creation of our Body represents a moment of celebration for all of us, a moment for all practitioners be trully proud, a moment to cherish the ones who have ensured the unity and have given the strenght and the much needed resources to the development of Romanian accounting and the development of CECCAR.


Professor Robert Aurelian Șova, PhD

President of the Superior Council, CECCAR