The President of CECCAR, Elected as a Member of the ETAF Board

On 12 June 2019, the General Assembly of the European Tax Adviser Federation (ETAF) convened in Brussels to elect its new management and discuss the organisation’s strategy for 2020.

On this occasion, the General Assembly elected the President of CECCAR, prof. Robert-Aurelian Șova, PhD, as a member of the ETAF Board for a two-year mandate, a position that will ensure a greater influence for the Body in the strategy and decisions of this European organisation, to the benefit of our members’ interests.

In addition, the GA decided to re-elect its current President, Philippe Arraou, and three of the Board’s current member for new mandates, and to elect a new Board member from the Belgian institute.

ETAF’s mission is to observe and evaluate all EU initiatives in tax and professional matters, with a key focus on projects related to the internal market, tax transparency, the Anti-BEPS Directive, CCCTB, VAT matters and data protection issues.

The main objectives pursued by ETAF are: providing tax expertise to EU decision makers, promoting good legislation in tax matters, enhancing quality and expertise of tax professionals, contributing to fight tax abuse and illegal acts, pursuing sustainable professional regulations, enhancing transparency, defending the independence and confidentiality of the profession and supporting businesses in an internationalised environment.

To achieve these objectives, ETAF cooperates closely with EU policy makers, participating in relevant consultations and meetings, fosters dialogue between the EU and stakeholders, brings new proposals and brings together key players from the taxation, professional and business environment.

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