National Conference on Accounting and Taxation – 7 June

The interrelations between accounting, taxation and the banking sector lead to the need for an integrated approach, which is essential for the smooth functioning of the economy, being the main focus of the first edition of the National Conference on Accounting and Taxation, an event organized by CECCAR in cooperation with the Romanian Banking Institute.

The activities expert and licensed accountants may perform as members of the CECCAR professional organization include tax services. From the perspective of expert accountants as tax intermediaries, we shall discuss the amendments made to Directive 2011/16/EU, which should be transposed in the national legislation of Member States before the end of next year.

The event will bring together practitioners and representatives of public institutions from the financial, banking and taxation sectors, and the presentation and debates will approach all topics from the perspective of accounting challenges in this areas, in particular.

Attendance to this event equates five hours of continuous professional development. The language of the conference is Romanian.

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