OECD Forum 2018 and Ministerial Conference

Leaders and decision-makers from all sectors of civil society – current and former heads of state or government, CEOs, leaders from large NGOs and trade unions, and prominent members of academia and media – gather together each year in Paris to discuss the most pressing economic and social challenges faced by society. The OECD Forum 2018 took place on 29-30 May 2018 during the OECD Week, at the OECD Conference Centre, and was followed by the Ministerial Conference on 31 May – 1 June 2018.

Building on last year’s theme, the 2018 edition of the Forum focused on What brings us together in the context of the recent political events that shook all foundations and cast the shadow of doubt over international cooperation.

The Forum sessions and workshops discussed the core underpinnings of international cooperation: the values, aspirations, concerns, anxieties and spaces that can bring us together. Aspirations for better jobs, health, education and opportunities transcend borders, cultures and identities, as do values such as equity, respect, solidarity and trust.

The special guest of this edition, the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, presented to the forum the key-note speech of the ministerial meeting he chaired this year, speaking about the need to reshape the foundations of international cooperation represented by multilateralism. To support a reform of multilateralism in any democracy, internal issues caused by globalisation must be resolved and 3 pillars need to be considered: responsibility – each country should be responsible for reform, inclusion – all stakeholders should be involved in the process, and efficiency.

The Ministerial Council Meeting, chaired in 2018 by the French President Emmanuel Macron brings together annually Ministers of Member and Partner countries to discuss policies that could lead to a more inclusive globalisation and better respond to the citizens’ dynamic concerns.

Further details regarding the Forum programme, discussion topics, speakers and webcasts. 

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