Recognizing the Expert Accountant Title based on the ACCA certification

Application File Content

Attending the interview for obtaining the expert accountant title based on the ACCA certification is conditioned by the submission and the approval of an application file comprising the following documentation which demonstrates the compliance with the legal requirements, namely:

  • Registration application (Appendix);
  • ID / passport;
  • 1 ID-type photo;
  • University degree;
  • The document certifying the ACCA membership (copy and legalized translation of the ACCA membership diploma);
  • Other documents concerning other specialties obtained;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • valid legal record;
  • medical certificate demonstrating the candidate’s full professional capacity;
  • Registration fee for the interview which can be transferred by bank transfer in the CECCAR account no.: RO91RZBR0000060000615384, Raiffeisen Bank, “Brătianu” Agency or at the Central Bureau’s cashier.


The application file content is based on Art. 26 of the Government Decision no.65/1994,  republished and on Provisions concerning the recognition of ACCA members, natural and legal persons (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) who activate as expert accountant professionals, approved by Decision no.04/61 of CECCAR Superior Council, with subsequent amendments and supplements.